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UK preview of New Holland's CR11 flagship at LAMMA 2024

Revealed to the worldwide market at Agritechnica in a unique matt gold colour scheme, New Holland’s 775hp CR11 will be shown to UK customers for the first time at LAMMA 2024.

Marking a significant presence on New Holland's stand at the German event, The new CR11 combine range has been introduced as the largest in the manufacturer's portfolio and has pushed the current CR10.90 off the top spot.

Assembled at New Holland's harvest production plant in Zedelgem, Belgium, the machine is new from the ground up and incorporates a unique driveline layout which involves moving the engine into a longitudinal position and redirecting the drive around the twin 600mm rotors.  This layout has increased the internal space within the chassis and subsequently has allowed for a wider threshing system without increasing the overall machine width.

A 20,000-litre grain tank is joined with a larger unloading auger with a discharge capacity of 210 litres/second, which gives the ability to empty the entire tank contents in under two minutes.

New Holland says the development of the machine was driven by a zero-loss goal which includes the creation of a double cleaning shoe. The twin-cleaning design uses a primary and secondary cleaning system, creating a design with two upper sieves, two lower sieves and two grain augers. Control and adjustment of the multi-stage cleaning system is fully automated, providing the claimed zero grain loss at maximum throughput capacity.

Upgrades to the cab include a redesigned internal trim and colour scheme, with the addition of the manufacturer's Intelliview display which includes information from a crop quality monitoring NIR (near infra-red) sensor which reports protein, starch or oil quality as the machine progresses through the crop.

Matching the increased capacity of the machine, a new MacDon- manufactured 15m (50ft) header will be offered. New Holland says the design was uniquely developed for the CR11, which includes a contour-following flexible cutter bar.

The CR11 shown at Agritechnica was fitted with 900/65 R46 Cerexbib 2 tyres from Michelin, however New Holland says the majority of the machines delivered to the UK will be fitted with a half-track, which will incorporate wider track options than previously offered on the CR10.90

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