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McHale Fusion integrated bale wrapper & Wheatway Engineering's Gyru-Star screening bucket

Latest News From McHale

The McHale Fusion Integrated Baler Wrapper has been the machine of choice for farmers and contractors around the world. On September 20th, the European launch of the new McHale Fusion 4 range will take place at the National Ploughing Championships in Ireland.

The new Fusion 4 Range of Integrated Baler Wrappers is comprised of the McHale Fusion 4, the McHale Fusion 4 Pro and the McHale Fusion 4 Plus with film binding technology. In advance of this, as a valued partner, we wish to let you know about this exciting new product launch.

In designing the Fusion 4 Range, operator comfort and friendliness were at the forefront of the machine’s development. All machines in the Fusion 4 range deliver a number of new features with the higher end Fusion 4 Pro and Fusion 4 Plus being ISOBUS compatible allowing the operator to experience the highest level of customisation and machine performance.


“The new Fusion 4 range has focused on higher output and comfort for the operator. There is an increase in throughput thanks to the new Profi-Flo pick-up along with higher bale density and faster wrapping speeds. The design team have also enhanced the baling experience for the operator using ISOBUS technology on the Fusion 4 Pro and 4 Plus.”

Martin McHale - McHale Sales & Marketing Director


The new Fusion 4 range introduces our most advanced pick-up featuring enhanced throughput, increased bale density and faster wrapping speeds. A focus has also been placed on operator comfort whilst still ensuring the reliability and heavy-duty build quality that McHale is renowned for remains.



Building on this reputation, McHale has added the following new features:

Profi-Flo Pick-Up
McHale have created their highest output pick-up for the Fusion 4 range. The new Profi-Flo pick-up has been designed to increase crop intake through more efficient crop flow and has been engineered to ensure end users are operating with a high-performance pick-up that is designed to suit various working conditions.

The new tapered feed channel encourages the crop to flow from the pick-up, towards the rotor and into the bale chamber, maximising throughput. To reduce maintenance, all Profi-Flo pick-ups are fitted with a heavier driveline which reduces chain load and increases chain life.

Customers can choose between a 5-tine bar cam track pick-up or, the optional, 6-tine bar camless pick-up which has increased in width. Behind the tines, customers will notice a number of changes to improve the flow of crop into the chamber.

The pick-up also features the Adaptive Intake which has been specifically designed to allow the intake area to automatically adjust up and down to changes in material flow.
The design of this intake area has a number of advantages;

  • It automatically adjusts to the volume of crop which allows the machine capacity to be maximised in light and heavy rows / swaths.

  • Intake area automatically adjusts to allow the machine to better handle uneven and lumpy rows / swaths.

  • Better crop intake.

  • Less chance of blockages occurring.


1000 RPM Gearbox
All machines in the Fusion 4 range are equipped with a 540 rpm gearbox as standard. In order to optimise machine performance, a 1000 rpm gearbox is available as an optional extra which provides the following advantages:

  • The 1000 rpm gearbox results in an increase in PTO speed with a substantially reduced torque. This reduces the sharp loads on the drive line, providing the clutch setting with 10% more capacity which reduces the risk of blockages and provides more throughput.

  • The option to select 540 rpm (if available) on the tractor for easier restarts in the unlikelihood of blocking.

  • Better fuel economy is achieved due to lower tractor engine revs by running the machine at the recommended PTO speed of 890 rpm when using the 1000 rpm gearbox.

Other new features on the Fusion 4 range of machines include:

The McHale Fusion 4 range is fitted with Dual Grease & Oil Pumps. The grease pump is connected to the downward movement of the bale tip, while the oil pump is connected to the upward movement of the bale tip. This ensures that grease and oil is applied evenly and continuously as the machine operates.

A larger Net / Film Brake has been fitted to all Fusion 4 Plus machines which provides 25% more stretch to be easily achieved. This is especially effective when operating in cold weather with NRF that requires a higher stretch percentage.

Cut & Hold Slider Brushes make the Fusion 4’s performance even more reliable by reducing friction to eliminate plastic tearing, particularly in hot or wet conditions. The cut & holds also feature a hydraulic tap to lock the cut and hold in the open position for the ease and safety of maintenance.

A Control Keypad is fitted to the rear of the Fusion 4 Pro and Fusion 4 Plus to allow the operator to control the following functions:

  • Indexing of the wrapper

  • Rear Wrapping Roller Up / Down

  • Wrapper Start / Pause

  • Cut & Hold Release

  • Work Lights

  • Two spare customisable buttons.

All machines in the Fusion 4 range have Increased Density Pressure which results in the production of a well-shaped and tighter bale.

New Panel Lighting has been added to the McHale Fusion 4 Pro and Fusion 4 Plus to aid the operators when changing rolls of film when it is dark. These lights are neatly fitted underneath the side panels of the machines and can be switched on/off from the control console or the rear keypad on the machine.

Optional Extras
Depending on machine specification, there are a number of additional optional extras available for machines in the McHale Fusion 4 range including: Selectable Knives, NRF/Net Loading Device, Side Tip, and Bale Weighing & Moisture System.

ISOBUS Compatibility

All McHale Fusion 4 Pro and Fusion 4 Plus machines are ISOBUS compatible as standard. McHale ISOBUS machines can be plugged into any ISOBUS tractor connection and operated via the tractor’s own terminal in the cab. If the customer wishes to operate an ISOBUS controlled machine with a tractor that is not ISOBUS compatible, they can do so through the McHale ISO-PLAY 7 or ISO-PLAY 12 console (pictured below) which are available as an optional extra. An additional tractor wiring loom is required to do this.

Gyru-Star Screening Buckets 

The Shell

​The Gyru-Star compact screening bucket shell is a steel structure with fully welded joints that has been tested up 1.5x the maximum permissible load.


The Drive Line 

Uses carbon belts, sealed bearings and self adjusting belt tensioning units. This creates a zero or low maintenance system. Saving you time on setup, there is no lubrication, no adjustment and no mess. 


The Stars

Made from polyurethane, the flexible stars create a rolling action which, screens the material without crushing or shredding. 

With three different fragment sizes to choose from;   

20-0mm  |  15-0mm  |  10-0mm 

Read and see more here

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